Why choose composite for your orthotics?

At Orthotech we recommend the right material for the right applications. We have many shell materials available for all different purposes and make sure that our podiatrists are getting the most out of their orthotic prescriptions.

Composite (XT) is the ultimate shell material for one directional athletes. It is lighter, thinner and has more than twice the rebound/return rate of poly and EVA.

Our XT Carbon Composite panels incorporate state-of-the-art carbon fibre reinforcement technology to address the need for orthotic devices, which are thin and light yet incredibly strong and durable.

These materials are engineered to be thin, lightweight and durable. At the same time, they are easily fabricated into high performance devices. The panels are manufactured using high strength carbon and specially formulated polypropylene matrix.

  • Distance runners will enjoy the fast rebound out of pronation.

  • Cyclists with carbon shank shoes will appreciate the rigidity of the orthotic yet still feel the flex under foot.

  • Snow skiers will immediately feel the responsiveness in the shell when transferring weight from one edge to the other.

  • Ultra thin material, great for all types of dress shoes.

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