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Semi-Custom Orthotics

Bridging the gap between Custom and Pre-Made Orthoses with unlimited options

With the endless options available on our semi-custom orthoses, there is no much you can not achieve with we don’t feel they really have a competitor. Aptly names Polar Bears, who have no natural predators.

With one easy to use prescription form and an abundance of education via your portal, you can choose from:

  • 9 orthoses designs
  • All orthoses materials used for custom
  • 3 arch heights
  • 4 rear-foot Corrections
  • Valgus rearfoot options
  • 12 sizes, from children to adults
  • Unlimited heel cup depths
  • Any additions you can think of
  • All custom top covers are available
  • Shell, 3/4, Sulcus or Full Length

They are the ultimate semi-custom orthoses.