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Semi-Custom Orthotics

Bridging the gap between Custom and Pre-Made Orthoses with unlimited options

With the endless options available on our semi-custom orthoses, there is not much you cannot achieve with the range.

With no other product like it on the market, aptly named Polar Bears, who have no natural predators, will not disappoint.

With one easy to use prescription form and an abundance of education via your portal, you can choose from:

  • 9 orthoses designs
  • All orthoses materials used for custom
  • 3 arch heights
  • Custom rear-foot Corrections
  • Valgus and Varus rearfoot options
  • 12 sizes, from children to adults
  • Unlimited heel cup depths
  • Any additions you can think of
  • All custom top covers are available
  • Shell, 3/4, Sulcus or Full Length


They are the ultimate semi-custom orthoses.


Semi-Custom Orthotics