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Control360 Orthoses

This design controls the rearfoot with a 5° intrinsic varus correction and midfoot support. It is design to allow for 1st ray function and aid correct biomechanical propulsion through the gait cycle.



Our high-performance EVA top covers are durable, hardwearing, and water-resistant and perfectly tailored to the intended use of the Orthoses.

Control360 Orthoses




Comfort is designed as an everyday use orthoses. Great for mild to medium control, for patients of any age. The high-performance EVA top cover is softer for patients who require more cushioning or with plantar foot pain.



Support + is designed for when you need more support including sporting/active use. Great for when a medium level of control is needed. The high-performance firm density EVA top cover provides longevity. These orthoses are suitable for high-performance athletes, active patients, construction workers and patients with non-plantar foot pain.