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Control360 Orthoses

This range of polypropylene foot orthoses are 100% Australian owned and designed by Orthotech Laboratory, in consultation with multiple Podiatrists. Orthotech Laboratory is a leading Podiatric foot orthotic laboratory, they have manufactured hundreds of thousands of prescription orthoses over a 20 year period. There is plenty of experience behind Control360!


5° Midfoot
An excellent all-rounder. This design controls the rearfoot with a 5° intrinsic varus correction and midfoot support. It is designed to allow for 1st ray function and aid correct biomechanical propulsion throughout the gait cycle.

5° Midfoot Plus
This design is similar to the 5° Midfoot, with a half medial rearfoot stabilising post. It offers excellent rearfoot control for when both rearfoot and midfoot need support.​​

12° Rearfoot Wedge
The go to orthoses for a very flat foot. It is designed to control the rearfoot, medial to a medially deviated sub-talar joint axis. It offers minimal midfoot control. It is well tolerated by very flat feet.



Great for mild control, proprioceptive feedback, elderly and diabetic patients.


Great for mild to medium control, for patients of any age.


Great for when a medium level of control is needed. Our most popular Control360.


Great for medium to firm control. A little extra support.


Great for firm control. This is our most supporting Control360.