Socking it to Africa

Did you know that you can donate your used Orthotech 3D CUBE and MINI socks?

A number of years ago one of our clients, instigated an initiative to collect the socks and provide them to people less fortunate than many of us.

At around the same time Mark was introduced to Elizabeth Stroud, a Director of Discovery Learning Pty Ltd, a Western Australian training and development company that had worked across Africa and Tanzania for twenty years.

After subsequent communication between the parties The Socks for Schools Project was established with and carried out under the banner of Action Tanzania.  Action Tanzania ensured that the socks collected would be distributed to children in rural schools, especially in areas of colder climate, like Lushoto, where Sauda had strong links.

Presently, socks are collected and transported by Grant Pierce, a Director of Kibaran Resources, for distribution to those needy feet.  To date distributed socks have been sent to a school for blind children in the Usambara Mountains, an extremely cold region, which is partially funded by the government and partially funded by a church.

The most recent sock distribution was handed over to Ukwama Children’s Home, an orphanage in Mahenge, Ulanga District, Morogoro region.  There are 96 children who live at the orphanage, 4 of whom are living with a disability.

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