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Orthotech 3D iPad and iPhone

Orthotech 3D iPad & iPhone

In one easy step, your clinic’s iPad or iPhone is transformed into a state-of-the-art 3D scanner that uses multiple cameras to seamlessly capture non-weight bearing scans in 40 seconds. Designed for portability with no power needed and weighing in at under 500 grams, the Orthotech IPAD and Orthotech IPHONE are perfectly suited for both travelling Podiatrists and dynamic clinics that want to stand out to their patients.


Liberty (internal scanner)

• Precise Scanning: Accurate to +/- 1mm
• Hold Foot in Neutral: Hold the foot in a neutral position for accurate scans.
• Visualise & Annotate: View foot scans in colour and draw directly on them.
• Convenient, Portable & Free*: Scan on the go with ease and flexibility with no monthly subscription fee
• Lightweight – use of internal camera
• Interactive 3D Images
• Portable design with no power needed
• Full 3D non-weight bearing scans

Structure (external scanner)

• Accuracy (+/- 5mm)
• Portable design with no power needed
• Full 3D non-weight bearing scans
• Lightweight – under 500 grams
• Interactive 3D images
• Multi-camera setup
• 40 second 3D scanning time


Comes with free and easy app-based software that is installed to your iPad or iPhone. Stores your details and provides a fast email function when your scans are complete. Use our online software from your iPad or iPhone to quickly complete and send prescriptions, as well as set default prescription forms.



Using the front camera to scan an image the size of a foot is more accurate than the rear Lidar scanner, which is designed for larger objects. However, this can make scanning difficult, without the ability to view the screen while scanning. Therefore, we are pleased to offer a mirror attachment to solve this problem. You can now have the screen facing you while scanning. This attachment is designed and 3D printed by Orthotech Laboratory, does affect accuracy and is compatible with all iPhones and iPads that accommodate this technology and can fit over most device cases.

iPad Scanner