Orthotech 3D EDGE

 The Orthotech 3D Edge is a lightweight, portable and accurate laser foot scanner, complete with never before seen features including a biomechanical assessment tool, all at a fraction of the price of its competition. CLICK HERE for the flyer.


  • Captures non-weight, semi-weight and full-weight bearingOrthotech 3D EDGE tripod
  • Scans foam impression boxes and plaster casts (internal)
  • Quick scanning speed of 2.9 seconds
  • Portable size – 600 X 265 X 90 mm
  • Footswitch for easy 3D capture
  • Two lasers for accuracy
  • Lightweight at 6.8 Kg
  • Full 3D colour image
  • Accuracy +/- 0.9mm
  • Multi-camera setup


Additional hardware, including a rear camera for a posterior frontal plane view of the lower leg and a rear laser for referencing resting and neutral calcaneal stance position, enables premium software features. The program can calculate calcaneal alignment and the user can plot points on the plantar aspect of the foot for annotation of hotspots, plantar fascial grooves or determining orthotic length. The detailed software analysis can also measure and determine foot length and width (including heel width), arch length and height, foot type, shoe size and much more.