Orthotech 3D EDGE 360

The Orthotech 3D EDGE 360 is a portable and accurate full foot laser scanner, allowing you to scan the whole foot and ankle with a 360-degree view. Perfect for those who want to do custom-made orthotics, custom-made shoes and generate a complete 3D model of the foot. CLICK HERE for the flyer.


  • Captures full-foot non-weight, semi-weight and full-weight bearing
  • Multi-camera setup Quick scanning speed of 5.9 seconds
  • Accuracy +/- 1.0 mm
  • Full 3D colour image Produces 28 anatomical landmarks and 32 measurements
  • Sidestep for balance In-depth foot report and annotation report
  • Footswitch for easy 3D capture Normal indoor lighting, no light shield or lights off required
  • Lightweight at 15 Kg
  • Compact size – 600L X 345W X 310H mm