Orthotech 3D CUBE

Extremely portable and accurate, the Orthotech 3D CUBE replaces the traditional non-weight bearing casting methods. Perfect for travelling or on the go Podiatrists, giving you the freedom to capture a non-weight bearing 3D scan anytime, anywhere. Equipped with state of the art software, it is our most commonly used scanner worldwide due to its accuracy, portability and cost. CLICK HERE for the flyer


  • Instant 3D scanning
  • Extremely accurate (+/- 0.4mm)
  • Similar size to a 375 ml can on a tripod
  • Portable design with no power needed
  • Carry bag included for travelling
  • Full 3D non-weight bearing scans
  • Lightweight at under 350 grams
  • Interactive 3D images
  • Multi-camera setup
  • Requires a scanning sock ($1.50 – can then be donated to underprivileged children in Africa)




Powerful interactive 3D images that can be viewed from any angle. The software will automatically save and store your prescriptions and 3D scans in monthly folders. It enables you to set default prescription forms to decrease prescription writing time and scans both feet in seconds.