About Us

Podiatric Laboratory

Orthotech Laboratory Pty Ltd. is a Podiatric Orthotic Laboratory that has been based in Melbourne Australia since 1999, committed to servicing the Podiatry community with their orthotic needs, 3D technology and education.

There are three Podiatrists on staff and more than 25 staff collectively.

The average experience of our Podiatric orthotic technicians averages more than 16 years per employee manufacturing orthotics for Podiatrists, giving our 10 head technicians more than 150 years’ experience collectively. We believe this is more than any other Podiatric laboratory in Australia. You can be assured of a very high-quality accurate device every time.     

We have a dedicated customer service team who are constantly working on ways to make our clients lives easier and an online educational platform to help you understand our prescription forms.

Podiatry Laboratory

Orthotech Laboratory was the first Podiatric laboratory in Australia and likely still the only Podiatry laboratory in Australia to be receiving more than 98% of orders from third-party 3D scanners, giving us more experience than anyone else when it comes to manufacturing orthotics from in clinic scanners.

We are committed to:

  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Very High Quality Orthotics
  • Keeping Up With Technology
  • Developing Our Own Scanners
  • Integrating Quality Third Party Scanners
  • Online Training And Education
  • Workshops And Seminars